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The core values for Tavola Rasa's interpretation of exciting dishes from all over the world, placing great emphasis on the use of plantbased and local products directly from Bern and the surrounding area.

Plantbased? Yes, please!
For us, this means a clear focus without obliged limits and exclusions. The base of our cuisine are thus plant-based and unprocessed products. The dishes are accompanied and rounded off with all the delicacies that are grown, created and produced in the direct surroundings with a clear awareness for sustainability and a large portion of respect for the environment.

Food truck

Experience and enjoy Tavola Rasa at the stylish and rustic food truck all around Bern. Fill up on the needed and right energy for the rest of the workday at a Tavola Rasa (Business) Lunch or start the end of the day with us in a relaxed atmosphere with snacks and drinks (Apéro).

Talk to us and we’ll find the perfect solution for the occasion together!

We’ll keep you updated where to find us on our social media accounts!


Still looking for a special catering for an upcoming event?
The Tavola Rasa Catering brings you a journey of pleasure tailored to the occasion on the spot. From brunch & coffee to aperitifs, varied main courses and light desserts  -  we make it possible and you can enjoy the event!

Find some inspiration in our pictures from previous caterings.

Let’s have a chat to figure out the perfect catering for your event!


Tavola Rasa explores the Bernese Oberland and its roots!
This summer Frank rattles the pots and pans at the Lenk Lodge  in the beautiful Simmental.

We are 'curious' - with great respect for local traditions and crafts, patterns of thoughts are broken and the great products from the region are interpreted in multifaceted ways. Accompanied by exceptional wines from innovative winemakers, this will be an alpine culinary delight experience.

Every Saturday in the Lötschli for hotel guests: The "Schlemmen am Berg"  4-course menu.
Furthermore, Frank is at the stove for you also during the Yoga Retreats !

Come by and say hi at the Lenk Lodge! We will keep you up to date and take you with us on our exciting journey.



How it all started ...

Away from the desk and right into an exciting culinary adventure. That was our thought when we looked at the approaching waves with our feet in the sand in Sri Lanka in March 2020. Exhausted from surfing and with a delicious meal from the street food stand in our hands, we came up with the idea of a concept that brings people together in a good mood, letting them enjoy good food and strengthening the community with healthy, sustainable and regional products.

Thought, said, done! Back in Switzerland, we looked for a small cute food truck that would allow us to do just that and quickly we found it - our Eddi (VW T2 built in 1979). We started with the planning, the interior construction and building in the kitchen appliances. Thereby we stumbled over one hurdle after another - but mastered them (almost) all!

Last summer (2020 - yes, the weird corona pandemic summer) we started with our first Tavola Rasa caterings and restaurant evenings gaining lots of very valuable experience and collecting great memories at our mobile lunch stations in the city center of Bern.

Stay tuned for what’s to come!


The heads behind Tavola Rasa

A composition consisting of different characters and expertises but with one common vision.
We want to make people smile when they enjoy healthy, tasty food that is cooked and prepared with plantbased products grown and produced right in the local surroundings.


We are always looking for new people and partners who share the same passion and values.
Are you interested in working with us for good food and making people smile?

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- business lunch, little food truck festivals, wedding, big birthday party, quartier apéro (and there are so many more opportunities) -

… give us a call, slide in our DMs, write a mail, or quickly type in your direct request and we will figure everything out together!

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